What the Hell is this?
We Were Tiguinet. A small Non-Profit Internet Transit/Peering Provider.
We provided numerous services that include : Transit, Resource sponsoring, VM's and why not more (propose)
As we were non-profit, we did not have a lot of capacity and only provide to non-profit legal projects (if you offer beer ;-) ).

PS: No IPv6 = No transit for you ;-)

(as you can see, we currently don't do webdesign... But if you want to help... :) )

Ceasing activity's
Due to the project getting lost in his target and the high price of operating costs, we decided to put an end to our activities on 01/February/2021. We learned a lot while operating. From the network up to the application layer to automate our systems. We also had a arch linux, openwrt and MX linux mirror. This one stays operating today (as to not force people to change their settings and also because it's a system that requires very low maintenance)

Thank you to everyone that made this possible :-). See you maybe on another project one day. (squirrelco might have a similar looking web-design... )